Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Are reservations required?
Reservations are required. You can call our Event Planners for available dates at (408) 867-3016 x825.

When can I make a reservation?
Reservations can me made anywhere from a year in advance to a week in advance. Many groups book immediately after this year’s event to ensure their spot is saved for next year.

Can we have music at our event?
Yes, music is permitted. DJs and bands are to be booked through Saratoga Springs.

Is alcohol permitted?
Beer, wine and sodas are served at all events. Unfortunately, there is no reduction in price if you choose not to provide alcohol for your guests.

Are Pets Allowed?
No pets are allowed on premises, either on a leash or left in the car.

Is there electricity in our grove?
Electricity is available in all picnic areas. Extension cords may be required.

Is there any running water in the area?
There are spigots at each grove area near the catering set-up.

Is there a parking fee?
Parking is included in the price of the picnic package.

Is there any grass?
Yes! We have grass in our beautiful Cathedral and Long Bridge picnic areas, as well as a common grassy area near our swimming pool.

Do you have sports equipment?
All equipment (volleyball, horseshoes, basketballs, bocce, etc.) can be checked out of the general store by leaving a Drivers License as a deposit.

Do you have a lifeguard?
Lifeguards are provided on Saturdays and Sundays. There are no lifeguards provided Monday through Fridays.

Are outside caterers allowed?
Outside caterers are not typically allowed unless prior arrangements have been made with management. Beverages are required to be purchased through Saratoga Springs and a grounds fee is charged when outside caterers are used.

What time can we arrive to set up/decorate?
Day events are scheduled 10am – 4pm; the chairperson may arrive at 9 am to set up. Evening Hot Summer Night events; chairperson may arrive at 5 pm to set up.

Are the picnic tables covered?
We take care of covering the food serving tables near the cooking area. Our picnic tables are pressure-washed, treated and receive a new varnish every season. Just before your event, all the tables will be wiped clean and beautiful. The wood tables are gorgeous and 99% of our groups choose not to cover them. However, if you still wish, you may bring tablecloths but we ask that you please do not use tape, pins, staples or tacks to secure them.

Is your pool heated?
Our pool is heated naturally by the sun. :)

Are there hiking trails?
We do not have designated trails but guests are welcome to walk along the creeks and mountain side.

Does everyone need a ticket?
Each adult, child and toddler is required to have a ticket prior to arriving at Saratoga Springs. Tickets will be collected upon arrival, while still in your vehicle.

What if someone loses their ticket?
See picnic chairperson and a Saratoga Springs representative prior to arriving at entrance.

When do I need to call in guaranteed numbers?
Guaranteed numbers are needed 10 days prior to your picnic date. Numbers should be broken down by Adult (13 & up), Child (ages 4-12), Toddler (ages 1-3), and Vegetarians.

How are the veggie options?
Vegetarians at Saratoga Springs are very satisfied with what’s on their plates! All our sides (with the exception of the chili) are vegetarian and these are included in the price of your feast: fresh garden salad, potato salad, pasta salad, pineapple-cranberry cole slaw, fruit salad and garlic
bread. You can read full descriptions of these sides on the menu. You can also add vegetarian appetizers to your barbecue. There are many veggie options, the most popular of which is Mesquite Grilled Fresh Vegetables which we marinate prior to cooking. They are delicious and
everyone loves them!

When is payment due?
Deposit is due 10 days after making your reservation and final payment is due on the day of your event.

Can we bring in our own appetizers / desserts?
All beverages and foods must be purchased through Saratoga Springs.

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