Day Camp Program Elements

Each session is based on a particular theme, and specific weekly activities vary. Regardless of the session, each camper will have the opportunity to engage in the following program areas:


Saratoga Springs is located near Sanborn County Park. Camper groups decide on the length and destination of their hike.

Environmental Education

How do your actions affect your environment? Your child will learn how to reduce food waste, use resources wisely, and learn more about plants and animals in the surrounding forest communities.

Team Building

Your child will spend five days in his or her camper group. Group leaders facilitate team building activities to ensure that everyone feels like a contributing member of the group. Children feel successful when they bond and strive together to reach common goals.


Summer means swimming! The beautiful sparkling pool at Saratoga Springs Day Camp is open daily for camper use. Each day campers receive one to two hours of scheduled pool time under the careful supervision of a certified lifeguard.

Creek Walking

Two creeks run through Saratoga Springs and provide the perfect environment for creek walking. Your child will have fun experiencing crawdads, water striders, and other aquatic creatures.

Arts & Crafts

Calling all crafty kids!!! Each week you will have several opportunities to create! Centered around our weekly themes, kids will have the opportunity to display their artistic skills. They will also have opportunities to create traditional camp crafts.

Inflatable Activities

Saratoga Springs has a giant 30 foot inflatable slide, an inflatable jousting ring, bounce house, and bungee run.


Each day children will have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of games both within their groups and camp wide. Children will have a blast engaging in activities such as basketball, volleyball, horseshoes, capture the flag, Frisbee golf, partner tag, star wars, relay races, Indian chief, board games, card games and many, many more. Saratoga Springs encourages cooperative play and allows each child to feel successful!

Note: Depending on the camp theme, some elements are not included.

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