Daycamp Themes and Information

Mission Statement

“To provide the ideal outdoor environment and a unique opportunity for children to learn valuable skills and make new friends through programs that are challenging, educational, and fun.  We believe camp provides an opportunity for personal growth, increased self-esteem and friendship building.  We hope to create a space for young people to learn how to work as a group while gaining confidence in their unique abilities as individuals.”

Saratoga Springs Day Camp Counselors

Our conselors are interviewed and carefully selected.  They all have experience working with children in some type of environment.  All our counselors are over 18 years of age.  They are all fingerprinted and certified in CPR and First Aid.  We have a Certified Lifeguard on duty at all times during swim hours.

 Attendance Requirements

All children who are at least five and no more than 12 years of age before his or her first day of summer camp.  Campers must be able to function in a group setting with a ratio of one adult to twelve children.  Five year old children will be grouped in a one to eight ratio.  If your child has special needs or needs special accommodations please contact the day camp director, Muggy, at 408-867-1591 ext 63 before registering your child.

2015 Summer Day Camp Week Themes

Saratoga’s Wild World of Sports (Weeks 1 & 6)

Calling all athletes and energetic game-enthusiasts! Whether you’re looking for classics or wacky games you’ll love this sports-filled week. Challenge yourself to compete in good old-fashioned games and crazy new ones, plus everything in between – the best part is none involve a screen. We’re all about team spirit and good sportsmanship while we explore the world of Super Sports!

Survivor Week (Weeks 2 & 9)

Every day is a different only-in-Saratoga adventure during this week of endless fun! Join us as we explore the trails, creeks and wildlife that surround Saratoga Springs. From hiking through woods and creek beds; nature-focused scavenger hunts; and environmental awareness! This week will provide your survivor with all the summer fun activities they want!

Super Soakin’ Water Week (Weeks 3 & 7)

Welcome to the wettest week of the summer! Wear your swimsuits and prepare to get soaked! Take a ride on our slip ‘n’ slide, be the best with bucket brigades, explore our creeks, and enjoy water balloons galore during this wild, wet, water-filled week. Remember to bring your water shooters and join us while we cool off and stay refreshed during the hottest days of the summer!

Stars and Stripes (Week 4)

Enjoy a week full of 4th of July activities celebrating America’s favorite pastimes! Create your own flag, enjoy refreshing watermelon-eating contests, compete in potato sack races, and explore our nature trails, and satisfy your hunger with hot dogs. Come have a week full of good old-fashioned fun in the sun!

Fantasyland (Weeks 5 & 8)

Imagine the biggest fantasy adventure of your summer! Join us as we embark on action-packed activities that will fascinate adventurers and whimsical wanderers within in the woods at Saratoga Springs. From Pirate Ship Battles to adventure-themed relay races and fantastic games from your child’s favorite stories; we will explore the most entertaining happenings as magical opportunities abound at Saratoga Springs.

Best of the Best (Week 10)

We’ll encompass all of your favorite games, songs, activities, and adventures from this summer as well as summers past in this “anything goes” week. With something fun for everyone, it’s packed with only the Best of the Best!



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