Team Building


Saratoga Springs provides one of the elite team-building experiences in the Bay Area. We offer unique programs and activities which can be experienced at Saratoga Springs or at a location of your choice. Our wide variety of team-building programs range from one hour to full-day events. With their dynamic style, our professional team building staff will enhance any event. We instill enthusiasm and energy while increasing morale and communication amongst your employees. We will make all the arrangements for you.

Your Incredible Corporate Super Hero

Remember the fun of dressing up as your favorite Super Hero? This fun-filled, team-building activity provides a unique opportunity to encourage your staff to work together as a team which promotes a better and more productive work environment. Each team will design, produce and present a SUPER HERO which will be fabricated in the form of a costume on a member of each team. A set amount of time will be allowed to design and construct their Super Hero; leaving time for each group to demonstrate their Hero and power to solve a current organizational issue. Includes ice breaker activity and music as well.

Better Than Par Golf Adventure

Each team designs, builds and names their own golf hole. By the end of the program, together you’ve built your own golf course and everyone plays each hole. Each team consists of three to ten players, designers and presenters. This is a real blast. Every team is given similar supplies:. sand, artificial grass, materials to create trees, ramps, water trap obstacles, actual holes, and more. Each team will also make their own putter, name their hole and present the hole in a fun short presentation. Includes ice breaker activity and music as well.

Game Show Team Challenge

Picture your employees playing a team-building version of Millionaire, Jeopardy, Ultimate Trivia, Let´s Make a deal, Name that Tune and Price is Right all in one hour. Everyone is involved at various levels. We customize the show with a few questions about your company or team. This can be played with teams of any size. Realistic TV-style booths and scoring with an interactive professional game show host who will bring your group to new limits. Outdoors or indoors, this one is always a winner! DJ, ice breaker activities and games package also included.

Seek – a Photo Scavenger Hunt Adventure!

An adventure in the redwoods that tests your team’s ability to plan, organize and execute various tasks. Discovering each other’s strengths while spending time outdoors will leave your people rejuvenated in a BIG way!

MC/DJ, Music and Organized Games Package

A must-have for every event! Let one of our Saratoga Springs talented and enthusiastic MC/DJs bring your guests together with a fun-filled hour of games, ice breaker activities and fun for everyone. You can tailor your day by selecting five games from our games list. We provide all props and prizes. There will be an MC for the day, announcing events, helping with raffles, playing your favorite tunes while creating a smooth flow of fun and pleasure for your event. A great day and a great value. (4-5hours)

Ultimate Package: Year-Round Team Building!

Your place or a Covention Center indoors or outdoors, or Saratoga Springs! We can customize any of our creative events and package them any way you see working for you! Combine Olympics, Scavenger Hunt, Game Shows, Trilogy Team Building with Purpose, or we can create something fresh and new!


Hilarious and Entertaining. Your group will break up into teams and do their thing! Your team members can choose to lip sync, karaoke, be a back-up dancer, manage the band, strut their stuff on air guitar or be one of the judges. Props provided. A fabulous program and fun for
everyone involved. This program will help your staff function better as teams of diverse individuals. Managers can observe how individuals function when required to place the welfare of the group ahead of personal interests to achieve a desired outcome. If the team wants to score in the competition, they must work together. They must identify talent within the group and assign the best person to the tasks. In this instance, tasks include singing, dancing, props, possibly costumes and organizing. Someone in the group must organize and manage the practice before the show begins! Ice breaker activities and music provided as well. (This activity must take place in our beautiful Cathedral Grove picnic area).

NEW The 8 Interactive Habits of a Highly Effective Team

A unique and fun themed interactive event that produces excellent results in maintaining and motivating your group. Jeff Werner presents a 90-minute activity that is interactively based on the structure of Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits and now the 8th Habit! Together we redefine Effectiveness to Greatness and finding your voice and inspiring others and making a difference in our own world! Each point is made with a 5-minute activity that helps people remember! Short, sweet, fun and extremely effective!

Ropes Course at Saratoga Springs

Nestled in our beautiful Saratoga Springs Picnic Grounds, we now feature a full-sized, AAA-rated complete ropes course with professionally trained and skilled facilitators ready to build your team with a special adventure. There are many low elements “on the ground” as well as one or two high elements in this once-in-a-lifetime ropes program. Ideal for people of all ages, sizes and fitness. Half-day and full-day programs available.

Team Relay Challenge that is unusual, hip, and funny!

Go to to view an example of a Japanese Game Show relay which includes Your Corporate Super Hero playing I Survived a Japanese Game Show. There are many combinations created to make your event unique and special including Human Bowling and Human FoosBall! Innovative FUN with creativity with laughter!

Reactivate, Remotivate, and Communicate!

This event stimulates interactivity and creativity in developing relationships and communication on a new team or a team who can use an inspirational boost!

The Speed of Trust Event!

Every activity at this event is done at the Speed of Trust as this all-important concept is metaphorically and interactively explored. Very powerful capacity-building activity!

Trilogy Business Development at Saratoga Springs

Trilogy integrates high-end communications development and builds trust into your business model. We create higher levels of communication, synergy, productivity and build capacity! May be integrated with your own business meeting in our Cathedral Grove, making your meeting magical amongst the redwoods with our professional, experienced team developers led by Jeff Werner.

Team Relay Olympics with Inflatables

This Olympics-inspired event can involve over 400 people at the same time with ten interactive stations in rotation, including our Saratoga Springs fleet of super inflatables added to make events challenging and fun. Very visual and Interactive!


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