Group Picnic Groves

Saratoga Springs offers six private picnic groves to choose from, each with their own unique qualities. Each area, ranging in size from 40 guests up to 3000, is naturally divided by the terrain to give added privacy. Your buffet style BBQ is cooked fresh in your picnic area and catered packages include self-serve beverage stations.


Accommodates groups of 400-1000. Includes a volleyball court, 2 bocce ball courts and corn hole games.


Accommodates groups of 225-400. Includes a volleyball court, mini putting green and corn hole games.

Cathedral Grove

Accommodates groups of 175-225. Includes a volleyball court and corn hole games.

Redwood Grove

Accommodates groups of 125-200. Includes corn hole games.

Saratoga Cove

Accommodates groups of 75-150. Includes corn hole games.

Booker Creek

Accommodates groups of 40-90. Includes corn hole games.


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